192 Shoreham Street office – award winner design architect in london by Project Orange

Rehabilitation is an interesting word.

Something that is broken or useless or ugly (or maybe the three) is given a purpose.

Having said that, meet Project Orange. You probably already now them from one of their projects ( suggestion n.1suggestion n.2 )

192 Shoreham Street however, is truly overwhelming.


It used to be an industrial building for and old steal and aluminum company.


“The completed development seeks to rehabilitate the once redundant building, to celebrate its industrial heritage and allow the building to be once again relevant for use.” Sketch_shoreham-street-brick-building-inhabitat41



“The new extension is contemporary yet laconic in form and an abstract evocation of the industrial roofscapes that used to dominate the city.” 

“The proposal is intended to enhance the existing building and create a striking landmark on the inner ring road; a symbol both of the area’s past and its aspirations for the future.”

The project was named Sheffield Building of the Year 2012 and won an RIBA Regional Award 2013.



Click here to see another overwhelming building.


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