NOMA – The Best Restaurant in the World

Lets celebrate September with a Nordic Breeze

The Nordics are very well known for their clean design, cellphones that could take down a brick wall and car safety. Nordic Cuisine however is rarely the main conversation issue.  Well, at least until you see NOMA.


Let me lay it on you as simply as this: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 Best restaurant in the world on the Restaurant Magazine top50.


“Uh la la”, indeed. The kind of place you’ll probably die before you get that reservation.


The Chef, Matt Orlando, will have you taste nordic food, like in no other place.,_rabarber_og_urter


Decorated by Space Copenhagen,  and located in the North Atlantic House (not the issue of this post, but worth a look), the restaurant looks fantastic, and at the same time, fully integrated on its surroundings. It appears as an aged place even though it opened its doors in 2003.


As they say in Denmark: Alderdom beskytter ikke mod dårskab.



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