100% DESIGN London – Emerging Brands

Every edition we are presented with a new range of intense brands presenting to the world their designs. We love that! Fresh new things coming out to delight everybody’s home.

Today we are going to present to you a few new brands that will be exhibiting at 100% Design in London starting tomorrow. If you’re going please take note of the brands you have more expectations and go see them.

1º – Emma Britton

Emma Britton

Emerging Brand Emma Britton invited concrete designer-maker, Matthew Redgate to collaborate on a kitchen surface design for this years 100% Design show. The pair have teamed up their design skills to produce a stunning surface collaboration in concrete, suitable for residential and commercial applications.


The grey raw cast concrete worktop surface, features laser cut metal inlays adding detail. The aesthetic is industrial but the choice of complimentary finishes feels warm and rustic.

2º – Sandro Lopez

Sandro Lopez1

Sandro Lopez’s design philosophy encompasses every aspect of the design process, from inception through to the communication and distribution of the product.

Sandro Lopez

This was the case when Lopez produced the Parallax coffee table which was conceived as a piece around which people converse. The Parallax coffee table challenges the viewer to explore the subject from different viewpoints by appearing unpredictably different from every angle.

3º – Douglas Pulman

Douglas Pulman

This year’s winner of the coveted 100% Design award at the New Designers exhibition was Plymouth University student Douglas Pulman. His unique range of furniture Brace, a collection of tables, benches and shelving caught the eye of the judges.


For the collection of tables, benches and shelving, Pulman took inspiration from architectural and constructional solutions to devise a method of jointing without screws, nails or glue that can be used across a range of furniture.

4º – Masam


Masam is a new brand, formed by the alliance of two artists: Said Njeim and Marianne Guély, launched in 2014. They will launch their first collection in the UK at 100% Design this September.


Combining Said’s graphic and architectural lines with Marianne’s poetic design ethic the pair have produced a bold collection with a carefully selected range of materials: alabaster, brass, walnut, and supple materials such as paper and leather. To accomplish this interplay of different materials Masam have brought together the finest Parisian and Italian artisans.


5º – Korridor Design

Korridor design

Korridor Design is a new Danish design brand founded in 2013 by architect Henrik Ilfeldt, who has an urge to add a wow-effect into every product. This wow can be found in a form of a neon colour, a special pigmented concrete or in a surprising combination of materials. One could say that Henrik likes to go crazy on a small scale.

Korridor design 1

Korridor Design’s vision is to create a design experience that reaches further than the product itself. Founded on this very thought the Korridor design team is dedicated to working on small mobile exhibitions, street art and decorative pieces that facilitate an experience of how art can derive from everyday products.

See all at 100%design

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