Short guide to the top spots of Doha, Qatar

Last time we visited the Middle East we went to Dubai (you can it see it here). Today we’re going to Doha, the political and economical capital of Qatar. Founded in 1825 and located in the Persian Golf (literally in the middle of the desert), Doha is one of the faster-growing cities in the world.


The striking fixture of Doha is obviously the contrast between desert and skyscrapers (a common site in Middle Eastern countries). Doha’s skyline is very beautiful with a lot of diversity. It almost seems like a painting growing in a blank canvas.  The feeling you get about Doha is that it’s constantly growing and changing .


Another interesting contrast worthy of mention is the one between old and new. There are several structures with more than 100 years that remind you of what this city, country and region used to be.

Museum of Islamic Art Doha

There is a large offer of good places to stay while in Doha. The one we chose to highlight is the lovely Torch Doha. The Winner of several hotel awards, is our suggestion for sleeping. Luxury facilities, exuberant design and a light taste of “f*** logic” complex are arguments too strong to resist.



However, the Decoration Lovers prize for best view  goes to La Cigale Hotel rooftop Bar. Drinks, bright lights and high altitude. Nothing more needs to be said.


As for eating we recommend that wherever you go, you should try the regional food.  Nothing teaches more about a place’s culture than the food and the meal ritual. Just be careful with the spices you are not used to. They can make your trip a real… desert crossing (this pun was not intentional, but the editor decided to keep it for leisure purposes).


The Katara Cultural Village is a pretty cool place to visit, with a lot of activities during the year including the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and TEDxDoha conferences.


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