Monica Förster – Swedish Design

Monica Förster was born in Stockholm but grew up close to the Arctic Circle in the very north of Sweden. This environment clearly had a great influence on her work.

dw 003

Monica has studied at Beckman’s School of Design and University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.  She has chosen to work with both design and as an ambassador for Scandinavian design internationally. Her work is categorized by a strong sense of pure.


Monica Förster, who is ome of the top names within Swedish Design, she has been awarded numerous Swedish and international awards such as Designer of the Year and has been exhibited all over the world in museums and institutions.

Products Designed by Monica Förster


Cloud is the portable room for meeting, resting and concentrating, a room that is easy to transport from place to place in a normal sized sports bag.


cloud monica



Cloud by Monica




Lei is the result of a lenghty study on female sitting posture, and is ergonomically designed to prevent occupational injury.

Lei by Monica

Circle lamp

The idea to this lamp has been to go ”back to basic” and work with simple geometric shapes – a half circle.

CIRCLE LAMP by monica


The first ideas were trans-ferred to a scale model where Förster worked intensively to create a shape that conveyed a sense of freedom.

grand by Monica


High and low back lounge chair inspired by the shape of Japanese spoons.

spoon high by Monica

Drop stool

Organic drop. The flowing asymmetric shape makes it possible to create different settings in a room.



Palmgrens by Monica gaiax Volvo

cloud by monica




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