ZAM Lighting – The new Star of lighting

ZAM Lighting is a very recent brand in the world of lighting and decoration. We had a chat with the people behind the brand and they are super thrilled with the brand development so far. They have created some very interesting design pieces that we are going to see below and all the production is handmade by skilled artisans.

In today’s World, where everything is made by machines, it seems that we are losing our humanity in the things we do and its good to know that young generations are still looking to the past and bringing them to the present.

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All History of the pieces and the brand itself is inspired by the stars. The first collection is called Black & Gold (read more below).

Each piece has is own story, the name can come from stars, constellations and mythical Gods, very interesting to read and if you like a good story this might be even more interesting.

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B&G – “During the night, while the sun is not looking, the sky is covered with millions of sparkling stars. Too many for a sane man to count.The elders believed that the Gods used the night sky as an art board. They used it to draw what they imagined for Earth. They used it to design the future. This is why some people can read the future in the stars. Because in some fantastical reality, this is the actual truth.The night sky is like an art museum you attend every day. Stars don’t need your full attention. Don’t try to be more than they are.They embellish your ceiling while you sleep. They guide you when you’re lost. They tell you where you are and what time it is. They become part of your life.Without the stars, the night sky would only be black. A black board of forgetfulness. Without light there can only be fear. To Light something up is the ability to illuminate darkness.”

constelation and B&G

All the pieces are handmade, Which allows the possibility of choosing between a range of metal finishes and colors. See the video below called “craftsmanship” to understand how the lamps are made.



ZAM Lighting – Craftsmanship – How it’s made

we leave you with some pictures of some of their upcoming pieces as well as some B&G collection ones.

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