Top 5 best looking music videos

Today a question arose, that made us think very hard about the answer.

What is the most well decorated music video?

We decided to answer this question 5 times:

1 – Love Foolosophy – Jamiroquai

This 2001 hit single from Jamiroquai features a 1958 Bentley S1 Continental, an Afghan Hound and Heidi Klum.

2 – Echoes – Pink Floyd

Even though this is not an actual videoclip, but from a dedicated live performance, Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii is to this day one the best audio to video interpretations of all time. Was filmed on the magnificient Piazza Anfiteatro in Pompeii in Italy, and its just lovely to look at while you get embraced by this beautiful epic song.

3 – Lady Marmalade – Various Artists

The Diva song of the 00’s is also a reference when it comes to scenography. That 1920’s look with a modern sound, made it an instant classic. Now that even makes more sense.

4 – Don’t let me down – The Beatles

Its The Beatles’ last live performance. Can you imagine a more perfect place than this rooftop in Savile Row?

5 – Beyoncé – Love on top

What a way to end this shortlist. Beyoncé is the queen (B) of style, which is only supplanted by her rhythm and taste. This video is in our opinion one of her best, due to the perfect balance of the voice line/visual progression.



Well, we couln’t leave this out, could we?

Do you agree? Give is your thoughts.

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