Google Zürich

TOP 5 design offices to stir your creativity

Some offices can be boring, but definitely not these – we made a list where we showcase , which have been developed to accommodate all the creative needs of an artistic workforce. So enjoy these super-cool workspaces, which ensure employees are never lacking creativity.

1. Pallotta Teamwork

Clive Wilkinson Architects have built out creative solutions for warehouses in the past. They were chosen by Pallotta to create an inspiring headquarters on a tight budget.

Pallotta Teamwork OFFICE

Pallotta Teamwork OFFICEPallotta Teamwork OFFICE

Image credits: Clive Wilkinson Architects

2. Google Zürich 

Swiss architect firm Züst Gübeli Gambetti was tasked with transforming a four story extension to Google’s original building into a unique and vibrant workplace.


Google Zürich

Google Zürich Office


Level 1 - Playroom

Image credits: Office Snapshots

3. Inventionland Design Factory

Inventionland Design Factory, located in Pennsylvania, is the headquarters of Davison Design and Development. With serene pools surrounding their interior office, it sure provides a cool touch for its employees.

i2i1.jpgInventionland Design FactoryInventionland Design Factory

Image credits: Office Snapshots

4. Selgas Cano Architecture 

Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano of SelgasCano have designed an office for their own practice, located in the woods near Madrid in Spain.

Selgas Cano Architecture OfficeSelgas-Cano-Office-2553Selgas-Cano-Office-2885Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Image credits: Iwan Baan

5. LEGO Denmark

Located in Billund, Denmark, this LEGO office is intended to be a place of creativity, innovation, and judging by the incorporation of a huge slide leading to the collaboration areas, fun!

LEGO Denmark OfficeLEGO Denmark OfficeGathering-Point_photo_AndersSuneBerg-1-700x472Blue-meeting-area-self-screening-sofa-665x444

Image credits: Office Snapshots

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