Top 10 items stolen from hotels

Top 10 items stolen from hotels

Most of the people you know who stay at hotels have probably admited to steal some souvenirs from the hotels during their stay. Although those don’t cost much, still it’s kind of a naughty thing to steal from a hotel.

Here are the top 10 of things that are stolen, most regularly from hotels. You will find it hard to restrain a laugh when you see the things people covet.

1. Hotel Soaps and Shampoos

Soaps and Shampoos are the most commonly stolen item from hotels. its daily replaced by staff members, since yesterday’s is in your baggage.

Hotels Soap

2.  Towels

Most of the people like to take the white towels hanging from everywhere in the bathroom.

Hotel Towels

3.  Bathrobes

Is there anything more comfortable to relax in, than a lush & fluffy bathrobe. The bathrobe is almost always stolen. You are not alone in doing this though, as many people, have confessed to taking home one or even two.

Bathrobes hotel

4. Batteries/light bulbs

Batteries and light bulbs are items that no one really wants to buy.

Batteries and light bulbs

5. Hotel Slippers

Having comfortable feet is obviously high on hotel guests agendas, as slippers are one of the most common hotel items that find their way into travelers’ bags.

Hotel slippers

6. Silverware – A Spoon, Fork or a Knife

How do we compensate for the loss of money of paying a hotel bill? By filching the hotel silverware of course. People love to take and use this at home.


7. Mini-Bar Food/drink

Everyone’s has stolen food or drink from a hotel. Drinking the alcohol and then refilling the bottles with water, juice, and bodily fluids, all so they don’t have to pay.


8. Artwork

I may not know much about art, but I know what I want. Yep that’s right, people have been known to steal artwork from hotel rooms

Artwork room hotel.jpg

9. Hangers

Just tuck the piece of hanging convenience into the suitcase.


10. Curtains

We don’t want to be drawn into speculation, but some people steal curtains from their hotel room. (ahh that pun)


Now admit what you stole, and you might get a chance to see a 2nd series of the most common items stolen from hotels.

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