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Exclusive interview with André Teoman

We are very proud to show you today the interview with André Teoman. A very skilled design that has already proved his talent and has hundreds of his pieces in homes all around the world.


DL. Could you please tell us more about your art and design background? What made you become an artist/designer? Have you always wanted to be a designer?

AT. I don’t think I’ve always known what it means to be a designer. But since my early days I’ve been involved in different creative fields. From puppetry, photography and illustration to music. My whole family is very connected to art. If I remember correctly the first profession I wanted to follow was actually architecture. The idea of creating buildings that were born in my imagination and then came to life was fascinating. But somewhere around my 14 years of age I meet a designer, my teacher actually, and I fell in love with what he did. It was so much more liberating, I could create everything around me. And from that day on I’ve been living my dream. Continue reading Exclusive interview with André Teoman

Top 6 Ideas for Indoors Swings


The cold has arrive, it’s time to spend more time at home. But sometimes we just feel like embracing the good things from spring.

How can we do that? Well the answer couldn’t be more creative.

How about a beautiful swing inside your house? Ready, relaxing, see your kids playing… there are so many good feelings attached to swings that having one at home will make you feel cozy and happy.

Have a look at this great swing ideas and who knows, build the one from your childhood in your living room.

Continue reading Top 6 Ideas for Indoors Swings

Porcupine cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Porcupine Cabinet is like a magical console full of surprises with an aggressive look and protective, inspired by a samurai armor and porcupine keels.

Porcupine cabinet The Blacks “spikes” can be opened from anywhere in the cabinet where they hide the beautiful glass shelves.

The handmade cabinet, constructed out of sculptural painted wood slats.

Porcupine openPorcupine Cabinet takes the original investigation developed for the Piano Shelf to another level.

Porcupine closeThe openings are fun and interesting where experience is amazing.

Porcupine witg Sebastian

We hope that you like this amazing cabinets as much as we do now. If you need more information about this  cabinets please visit their website on this link. Porcupine Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz