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Top 6 Ideas for Indoors Swings


The cold has arrive, it’s time to spend more time at home. But sometimes we just feel like embracing the good things from spring.

How can we do that? Well the answer couldn’t be more creative.

How about a beautiful swing inside your house? Ready, relaxing, see your kids playing… there are so many good feelings attached to swings that having one at home will make you feel cozy and happy.

Have a look at this great swing ideas and who knows, build the one from your childhood in your living room.

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Mini Apartment Superb Design – Soho, New York – Graham Hill

graham hill appartmentLiving in New York can be a great adventure, and found the space you need for all your stuff is not always easy and can be very expensive. We found something that may help you, and will definitely make you look at thing differently. hill_graham Graham Hill founder of the website treehugger.com has design a super apartment with little space. Yes that’s correct with a small space Graham manage to get 8 different and functional spaces. It seems that you are inside a small studio but actually is a house full of everything you need to have a very enjoyable life at Soho in NYC. graham hill appartment 3 Have a look at the video, this may be the evolution of homes and we hope this to be one small (big) step to help save our little blue planet.

graham hill apartment