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TOP 5 design offices to stir your creativity

Some offices can be boring, but definitely not these – we made a list where we showcase , which have been developed to accommodate all the creative needs of an artistic workforce. So enjoy these super-cool workspaces, which ensure employees are never lacking creativity.

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BOY INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS PART 1- Accessories and architectural products

Before we begin let me just say something:
At this point, there’s no use in trying to attribute more favourable odds to a specific product ou project. However we decided to choose one candidate per category that stands out by our standards. This means that the following selection won’t necessarily be the winners, just the ones that caught our attention.
So lets begin our Interior Design Magazine’s BOY AWARDS coverage with the first part: Accessories and architectural products.
CATEGORY: Accessories
Fantastically beautiful piece by Sutherland Furniture made from steel with bronze finish and acrylic liner. One of my favourite pieces of this year’s edition.
CATEGORY: Accessories: Outdoor
The thing you must keep in mind about Hive‘s Boulders is the more you let it rust a rot, the cooler it looks.
CATEGORY: Accessories: Office
Line by Davis Furniture: Simple and effective. The qualities you look for in a hanger.
CATEGORY: Architectural Products
Words will just ruin it. Enjoy.
Do you agree with us?
Tomorrow, we will take a look at the Bath Category.
Stay Tuned. Stay Fresh.