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TOP 5 design offices to stir your creativity

Some offices can be boring, but definitely not these – we made a list where we showcase , which have been developed to accommodate all the creative needs of an artistic workforce. So enjoy these super-cool workspaces, which ensure employees are never lacking creativity.

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Architect Tips – How to get creative easily!!

Are you in love for architecture and you don’t know how to star your project? Do you need some easy tips on how to start an amazing project? We will follow the Architect Emad Zand on this ideas for his project. All you have to do is follow his tips and get to work! If you want send us pictures of how you did and we will post them online with your name! Have fun!

Modern Addition to your old House | Renovation in New York | Dougg Patt

Have you ever imagine to create the house of your dreams and maintain your traditional house facade? Well, the senior Architect Doug Patt gives you a few tips on this video. You can keep the thing you love about your old house and at the same time build the contemporary house of your dreams.

Architects: Joeb Moore + Partners Architect LLC’s + Doug Patt Senior Architect
New York