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Euro 2016 Stadiums

A long long time we published about the top 10 most beautiful stadiums in the world, which turned out to be a huge success.

So in the same spirit we now present you the EURO 2016 stadium

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Interior Design through the lens of Wes Anderson

After watching The Grand Budapest Hotel, you’ll start to feel a strong love towards Wes Anderson.theinteriorofwesanderson-1 Continue reading Interior Design through the lens of Wes Anderson

Iglu Central – Australian Architectural Masterpiece by Bates Smart

Bates Smart has designed an 8 story, 98-bed student accommodation facility in Regent Street, Chippendale, within close
proximity to UTS, The University of Sydney and University of Notre Dame.


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Top 5 Best Decorative Plants

Not many people are able to have their own garden. Those who have are the lucky ones.

Do not feel sad though,  if you live in a small apartment. The following list will help you purify the air and look of it.

1. Madagascar Dragon Tree

Imagine saying that to your guests.

Dracaena marginata

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Awesome Stairs Designs – Inspire yourself

Since “sexy” stairs with storage drawers, contemporary, hidden, fun tricks, but with an interesting and unique design.

Sensualscaping Stairs by atmos studio

If there is sensuality on the stairs, then this is the best example.


The Rainbow House Stairs by Ab Rogers

Colors, colors, colors… Beautiful!

colour stairs

Stair Slide Combo by Alex Michaelis

So funny for adults and children.

funny stairs

Timber Stripes by Tetrarc

Stair for the School of Arts comprised of laminated timber.

school art

Stay curious,  2and part.. is coming soon!


At this point, there’s no use in trying to attribute more favorable odds to a specific product or project. However we decided to choose one candidate per category that stands out by our standards. This means that the following selection won’t necessarily be the winners, just the ones that caught our attention.
Counting down until the Best of Year Interior Design Awards at the IAC Building in NY. The BOY Interior Design Awards projects are all mind-blowing, so we must congratulate all the candidates.
CATEGORY: Office: Restoration / Renovation
CATEGORY: Office: Small
kotler + kotler
CATEGORY: Public Space
One Plus Partnership Limited
CATEGORY: Residence: Large Apartment
CATEGORY: Residence: Multi-Unit Dwelling: Budget
CATEGORY: Residence: Multi-Unit Dwelling: Luxury
CATEGORY: Residence: Small Apartment
CATEGORY: Residence: Small House
CATEGORY: Residence: Suburban House
CATEGORY: Residence: Urban House
Alchemist Rene Gonzalez Architect
CATEGORY: Retail: Food
CATEGORY: Retail: Luxury
Tom Ford Studio Sofield
CATEGORY: Retail: Other
CATEGORY: Showroom / Headquarters
One Workplace Headquarters and Showroom Design Blitz
We end our candidate roundup with a few interesting projects. Tomorrow we’ll give you coverage of the results.  Have fun and enjoy.
Stay tuned. Stay fresh.