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1181 N Hillcrest rd, Beverly Hill California – Ultimate luxury

Yes, this is what we could call the Ultimate luxury living, a 85M Dollars Mansion in California. If you are lucky enough to have a huge bank account you can have this one. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t regret it.

“Breathe California…

Immerse yourself in a scenic wonderland of unparalleled beauty. Step out into your backyard and experience southern California the way you’ve always imagined. A sweeping panoramic view from downtown Los Angeles to the shores of Malibu Beach and everything in between. Continue reading 1181 N Hillcrest rd, Beverly Hill California – Ultimate luxury


A men’s dream house built with a low budget and lot’s of love

This men dream was to build a wonderful house like he had planned in his mind for years. He decided to go to Thailand and with a low budget (6500 € / 5100£) and his own work he started this project. The result you’ll see on this video. Enjoy and get some ideas for you own dream house.

On a large organic mango farm, far into the countryside of northeastern Thailand, I have built my little dome home.

Follow your dreams*