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Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral – Best place for Spacial Sight Seeing


In Cape Canaveral there’s a saying that goes: “Space is only a vertical line away”.

Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral_8

Exploration Tower is an unique landmark standing in Port Canaveral, offer prime view to all the space launches that occur, around 10 miles to the south, in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and  Kennedy Space Center.

Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral_3

The Exploration Tower opened in November 2013 and it offers a large amount of activities inside, from cruise simulator to an Nasa exhibition . Continue reading Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral – Best place for Spacial Sight Seeing

Moooi – Raymond Light by Raymond Puts


We totally fall in love for this lamp. A perfect sphere of mathematical ingredients punctuated by tiny LED lights. Looking at the lamp feels like staring into the soft glow of a starry night, searching for the perfect essence to give a astonishing look at your living room.


Raimond will always be remembered as ‘The man who brought the starry sky into our homes’.

If there is some sort of thread that travels through the life of Raimond Puts (1937 – 2012) then it must be that of technical engineering. The machine designer he later became developed this talent already at a very early age when he played around with his meccano toy box. Technical science has fascinated him since. During his technical education he was trained in the craft of metalwork and owing to this a new world opened up for him.




a slightly different version, half of the sphere



The intricate spheres of Raimond transport the electrical current. The LED terminals then join these paths to create an atmospheric ambiance. The transparent lenses are specially detailed to spread warm white light in every direction.

We leave you here some pictures of the amazing project were the raymond if feature, as it’s something. Have a look.








We hope that you like this Lamp as much as we do now. If you need more information about this lamp please visit

One of Decoration Lover Choice and picture of the week.