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Design and Engineering – The practical and amazing Fletcher Table

The Fletcher Table is the result of many years of development, but also follows a line of history of more than one and a half centuries.

It is a round table that amazingly is capable of doubling its seating capacity and, just as astonishingly, remaining truly circular in the process storing its expansion leaves within itself. Only takes mere seconds to complete an entire expansion or reduction cycle.



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Monica Förster – Swedish Design

Monica Förster was born in Stockholm but grew up close to the Arctic Circle in the very north of Sweden. This environment clearly had a great influence on her work.

dw 003

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Anna Gotha – Optimizing Design and Life – Danish Design


Anna Gotha, designer mdd, was born in Denmark in 1980 and has a background in industrial design, furniture and interior design. She studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and graduated from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen.

anna gothat Design

Since then, she has worked with various designers and focused on working with projects that combine form, aesthetics and usability. She is dedicated to design that inspires and enriches the user, and strives to create and develop concepts that optimize the function and appearance of a product. Continue reading Anna Gotha – Optimizing Design and Life – Danish Design


Before we begin let me just say something:
At this point, there’s no use in trying to attribute more favourable odds to a specific product ou project. However we decided to choose one candidate per category that stands out by our standards. This means that the following selection won’t necessarily be the winners, just the ones that caught our attention.
We continue our journey through the candidates of BOY Interior Design Magazine Awards. It’s time for the Flooring category.
Check out PART 1 and PART 2, to know what we’ve already talked about.
CATEGORY: Flooring: Carpet/Broadloom
CATEGORY: Flooring: Carpet/Modular
PIXELS EVERYWHERE. Great job by Shaw though.
CATEGORY: Flooring: Carpet/Rugs
Ever wondered what a rug made by Dali would look like?
Neither did we, until now.
CATEGORY: Flooring: Hard
Strange category I must say.
CATEGORY: Flooring: Health Care
Mohawk takes us back to the time when (real) wallpaper was hot.
CATEGORY: Flooring: Hospitality
I’m devised by this, because it can lead to some untasty choices. Nevertheless, looks good Miliken!
CATEGORY: Flooring: Tile and Stone
Cancos makes stone look like wood.
Do you agree with us? Share your thoughts with us.
Tomorrow we’ll talk about Furniture, don’t miss it!
Stay tuned. Stay fresh.