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Villa Altair – Real Estate in France – Modern architecture Luxury Villa

Are you feeling like buying a villa? How about something like this in the south of France by the sea?

Top 10 places to visit before you die – Part 1: La Chèvre d’Or

Between Monaco and Nice there’s a little medieval village called Eze. Bathed by the Mediterranean sea, Eze is the perfect description for the French Riviera.


Serving as inspiration for artists, writers and actors, Eze’s spirit and surroundings remains intact for a very long time. Still today is a marvelous place, full with enchantment and history.

Le village d'Eze dans les Alpes maritimes

The place in Eze you must go before you die is called “La Chèvre d’Or” – The Golden Goat.


It’s a luxurious sanctuary, inserted in the natural architecture that combines a 5 Star Hotel and 2 Michelin Star Restaurant.


The Hotel offers 38 bright, individually decorated rooms and suites scattered throughout the mediaeval village, offering you a delightful stay and a unique experience.


The rooms honor the artists Zlatko Balokovic (violinist), Samuel Barlow (composer), Friedrich Nietzsche (philosopher), Luis Navarro & Marc Ferrero (painters), Jean Cocteau  (playwright) that took the region’s good vibes as an integral part in the creative process.


The region plays an important role on the ambience spreading through the air the fragrance of jasmine, bougainvillea and roses


La Chèvre d’Or Restaurant, is where Ronan Kervarrec and Julien Dugourd offer to caress your palate and blow your mind with a fusion between Mediterranean and French cuisines.


Le Chèvre d’Or is one of our top 10 places to visit before you die. The poem of the French Riviera, smooth to all senses,  makes your heart skip a beat.

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