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The Printing House, West Village

PrintingHouse_23GêÜ FINAL

The Printing House, the new condominium development in the West Village (NY).

The model residence, designed by Scott Sanders is now available. This is the next in the line of homes designed through a partnership with Dering Hall. The residence is a 2,494 sq. ft. three-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom residence listed for $4,750,000.

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Halcyon Condominium by S. Russel Groves

The Earth is round and very large. 7 Billion people live in it.


In the United States alone, more than 550 Million.  Where would you like to live?


New York? Manhattan! – The American dream. Luxury (at its purest state) capital of the US, is also one of the few places in this round and very large world where you pay your weight in gold for a breeze of air. But if you can afford it, Dear Lord it’s a hell of a breeze.

In Manhattan there’s East 51st Street.

east 51st street new york

East 51st Street has a new addition: a 32-story residential condominium called Halcyon with interior design by S. Russell Groves (recently named to the AD100 by Architectural Design)


“Halcyon was conceived as a sophisticated, serene Manhattan condominium residence with simple sculptural forms, rich finishes, and soft, muted palettes.”


Prices range from a modest $1.565 million to more than $10 million.


More than 10,000 sf. per apartment, with a beautifull view to the Manhattan skyline and farther.  Each residence features 10 ft. ceilings, oak wood flooring, double-paned energy efficient windows.



Start dreaming big.

Mini Apartment Superb Design – Soho, New York – Graham Hill

graham hill appartmentLiving in New York can be a great adventure, and found the space you need for all your stuff is not always easy and can be very expensive. We found something that may help you, and will definitely make you look at thing differently. hill_graham Graham Hill founder of the website treehugger.com has design a super apartment with little space. Yes that’s correct with a small space Graham manage to get 8 different and functional spaces. It seems that you are inside a small studio but actually is a house full of everything you need to have a very enjoyable life at Soho in NYC. graham hill appartment 3 Have a look at the video, this may be the evolution of homes and we hope this to be one small (big) step to help save our little blue planet.

graham hill apartment


At this point, there’s no use in trying to attribute more favorable odds to a specific product or project. However we decided to choose one candidate per category that stands out by our standards. This means that the following selection won’t necessarily be the winners, just the ones that caught our attention.
Counting down until the Best of Year Interior Design Awards at the IAC Building in NY. The BOY Interior Design Awards projects are all mind-blowing, so we must congratulate all the candidates.
CATEGORY: Office: Restoration / Renovation
CATEGORY: Office: Small
kotler + kotler
CATEGORY: Public Space
One Plus Partnership Limited
CATEGORY: Residence: Large Apartment
CATEGORY: Residence: Multi-Unit Dwelling: Budget
CATEGORY: Residence: Multi-Unit Dwelling: Luxury
CATEGORY: Residence: Small Apartment
CATEGORY: Residence: Small House
CATEGORY: Residence: Suburban House
CATEGORY: Residence: Urban House
Alchemist Rene Gonzalez Architect
CATEGORY: Retail: Food
CATEGORY: Retail: Luxury
Tom Ford Studio Sofield
CATEGORY: Retail: Other
CATEGORY: Showroom / Headquarters
One Workplace Headquarters and Showroom Design Blitz
We end our candidate roundup with a few interesting projects. Tomorrow we’ll give you coverage of the results.  Have fun and enjoy.
Stay tuned. Stay fresh.


At this point, there’s no use in trying to attribute more favorable odds to a specific product or project. However we decided to choose one candidate per category that stands out by our standards. This means that the following selection won’t necessarily be the winners, just the ones that caught our attention.
Counting down until the Best of Year Interior Design Awards at the IAC Building in NY.  Now have a look at our choices for the possible winners.
CATEGORY:  Hospitality: Restaurant: Fine Dining
Bosk Restaurant office of mcfarlane biggar architects + designers – Toronto, Canada

Bosk Restaurant office of mcfarlane biggar architects + designers Toronto, Canada

CATEGORY:  Hospitality: Restaurant: Historic Renovation
Bucato, Undisclosable – Culver City, California, US

Bucato Undisclosable, Culver City, California, US

CATEGORY:  Installation

Bend Snarkitecture Miami, US

Bend Snarkitecture  Miami, US

CATEGORY:  Institutional

Schorndorf City hall Ippolito Fleitz Group – Schorndorf, Germany

Schorndorf City hall Ippolito Fleitz Group, Schorndorf, Germany

CATEGORY:  Institutional: Arts

Xi’an Westin Museum Hotel Neri&Hu Design and Research  Office, Xi’an, China

Xi'an Westin Museum Hotel Neri&Hu Design

CATEGORY:  Institutional: Library

Cornell Community Centre and LibraryPerkins+Will – Markham, Ontario, Canada

Angus Glen Community Centre

CATEGORY:  Institutional: Religious

Lincoln Square Synagogue CetraRuddy – New York City, US

Lincoln Square Synagogue CetraRuddy

CATEGORY:  Kitchen & Bath

Flip Flop House Dan Brunn Architecture – Los Angeles, US

Flip Flop House Dan Brunn Architecture

CATEGORY:  Office: Extra Small

Penthouse Office Meyer Davis Studio – New York City, US

Penthouse Office Meyer Davis Studio

CATEGORY:  Office: Fashion

Fox Head Global Headquarters Clive Wilkinson Architects – Irvine, California, US

Fox Head Global Headquarters Clive Wilkinson Architects

CATEGORY:  Office: Firm’s Own

Gensler Newport Beach Gensler – Newport Beach, California, US

Gensler Newport Beach Gensler

CATEGORY:  Office: Large: Corporate

Goodyear Global Headquarters Vocon & Gensler – Akron, Ohio, US

Goodyear Global Headquarters Vocon & Gensler

CATEGORY:  Office: Large: Media

United Talent Agency Rottet Studio – Beverly Hills, California, US

United Talent Agency Rottet Studio

CATEGORY:  Office: Large: Tech

Adobe Office Campus Rapt Studio & WRNS Studio – Lehi, Utah, US

Adobe Office Campus Rapt Studio & WRNS Studio

CATEGORY:  Office: Mid-Size

Hudson Rouge M Moser Associates – New York City, US

Hudson Rouge M Moser Associates