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Exclusive interview with André Teoman

We are very proud to show you today the interview with André Teoman. A very skilled design that has already proved his talent and has hundreds of his pieces in homes all around the world.


DL. Could you please tell us more about your art and design background? What made you become an artist/designer? Have you always wanted to be a designer?

AT. I don’t think I’ve always known what it means to be a designer. But since my early days I’ve been involved in different creative fields. From puppetry, photography and illustration to music. My whole family is very connected to art. If I remember correctly the first profession I wanted to follow was actually architecture. The idea of creating buildings that were born in my imagination and then came to life was fascinating. But somewhere around my 14 years of age I meet a designer, my teacher actually, and I fell in love with what he did. It was so much more liberating, I could create everything around me. And from that day on I’ve been living my dream. Continue reading Exclusive interview with André Teoman

Highlights of InterDecoração 2015 – Oporto – Exponor

Last weekend we visited Interdecoração in Oporto. To be fair we weren’t expecting much but we had a good surprise when we went inside. There were a lot of great products by brands almost unknown to us. Is this good? Yes, of course, it means that decoration and design are growing all over the world and our houses and spaces where we live are getting more beautiful and cosier. Below you’ll find a few pictures of what were the best moments and decor ideas we found.

Please enjoy and who knows if next year we will find you there.

expornor | Interdecoração | Porto | Oporto1

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THE YEATMAN HOTEL – Best of Wine Tourism 2014 Award

A great classic Hotel defines a destination, providing an authentic and memorable sense of place. The magnificente world Heritage city of Porto is defined by  such an iconic property. The Yeatman Hotel.

The Yeatman_Bacchus Suite
Oporto ( or porto as i tis known localy) is the city in northern Portugal which gave its name  Portwine and has been the home of british wine shippers and their families, for over three centuries inspired by this heritage. The yeatman hotel blends the finest portuguese traditions of hospitality with uniquely british flair for understated and stylish Comfort.

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