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Paramnesia House by Undisclosable

Undisclosable is one of those companies who’s projects you can just stare without sharing a single word. So this is a very hard task. Words are useless when you have visual awesomeness like this in front of your eyes.


Pablo Picasso once said that “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”. 

Imagine giving your a bath with this house?/mansion?/ModernCastle?/Palace? (you take your pick)

Undisclosable described the paramnesia house as “Originally quite introverted, the updated design now focuses outward upon the ostensibly empty and serene landscape”. The house takes 2.900 square foot out of a total 10.500 s.f. of landscape.


All that’s left are pictures. Images to let you smoothly wash your eyes, your heart and of course, your soul. Enjoy.


Perfectly in balance with it’s surroundings.


What about those candlesticks?