Modern Addition to your old House | Renovation in New York | Dougg Patt

Have you ever imagine to create the house of your dreams and maintain your traditional house facade? Well, the senior Architect Doug Patt gives you a few tips on this video. You can keep the thing you love about your old house and at the same time build the contemporary house of your dreams.

Architects: Joeb Moore + Partners Architect LLC’s + Doug Patt Senior Architect
New York

PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel – Singapore – by Woha

Did you ever thought about going to Singapore? Don’t lose the opportunity to check in at this beautiful hotel, or if you can’t afford this at least go there and have a look. It’s truly amazing.

See for yourself

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1181 N Hillcrest rd, Beverly Hill California – Ultimate luxury

Yes, this is what we could call the Ultimate luxury living, a 85M Dollars Mansion in California. If you are lucky enough to have a huge bank account you can have this one. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t regret it.

“Breathe California…

Immerse yourself in a scenic wonderland of unparalleled beauty. Step out into your backyard and experience southern California the way you’ve always imagined. A sweeping panoramic view from downtown Los Angeles to the shores of Malibu Beach and everything in between. Continue reading 1181 N Hillcrest rd, Beverly Hill California – Ultimate luxury

A men’s dream house built with a low budget and lot’s of love

This men dream was to build a wonderful house like he had planned in his mind for years. He decided to go to Thailand and with a low budget (6500 € / 5100£) and his own work he started this project. The result you’ll see on this video. Enjoy and get some ideas for you own dream house.

On a large organic mango farm, far into the countryside of northeastern Thailand, I have built my little dome home.

Follow your dreams*

Mal FUrniture – The 1956 Chair and Stool – Colorful

The 1956 is inspired by the greatest design icon from the 50’s.

The lounge set is a plastic (PE), rotational molded product, which can be used inside but is also extremely suited for outdoor use. The chair has an ergonomic design. It is solid but it is very comfortable.


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Harmony and Simplicity – U6 Studio – Interior Design Animation

Have you ever look at your house and thought “how it would possibly be different?” Harmony and simplicity are the keys. This fellows from U6 Studio have come up with a great inspirational video about the design of who knows, your own home.

Interior Design Animation from U6 Studio on Vimeo.